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MY WOD General Workout, according to the My Workout annual planning that can be done by everyone. 

MY PT Personal Training sessions (one or two people), according to the goals and individual planning of each athlete. 

MY SMALLGROUPS Small group training, until four elements according to the group’s goals. 

MY PERFORMANCE  Physical preparation training according to the sport and individual planning of each athlete.

MY TAKE AWAY Six to eight weeks workout plan to do anywhere (gym, outdoors, or at home) according to the goals and materials available. 

MY RECOVERY Physical recovery services. physiotherapy sessions, massage therapy, clinical and aesthetic acupuncture, diet therapy, among others. 

All of our services can be adapted to your goals, from losing weight/fat mass, increasing muscle mass, improving sports performance or simply improving your health or quality of life. These services are available in person in our studio, or online. 

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